Former Sean Cody model Rich returns after 6 years and gets fucked at Str8 Chaser

The Reality Dudes network has released a new Str8 Chaser video and the guy in this video is not as straight as they like us to believe (surprise). This guy, named Rich, appeared in a few Sean Cody videos back in 2012. He did a solo scene and has bottomed twice (for Daniel and Miles). After six years, he still loves cock!

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Reality Dudes / Str8 Chaser – Rich

Today was a pretty cold, boring day, but I was lucky enough to catch good-looking, athletic Rich blowing off some steam after an argument with his girlfriend. I got him to open about his financial issues, which gave me the perfect opportunity to make him an offer he wouldn’t refuse. The end result? I got him to open up much more than his mouth when he spread his cheeks for me, and he let me dick dive right in.

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Watch Rich getting fucked in the full Str8 Chaser video


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