Young Perps: Ryland Kingsman gets fucked by officer Jesse Zeppelin in “Previously Captured”

Here are the previews for the two latest Young Perps scenes. The most recent one in which Ryland Kingsman gets fucked by Jesse Zeppelin is called “Previously Captured“.

This isn’t the first time young Ryland Kingsman has been in trouble with the authorities. So, when he admits to Loss Prevention Officer, Jesse Zeppelin, that he’s shared some intimate moments with other Officers, the horny security guard wants to see exactly what the boy’s learned about pleasing the long, fat cock of the law.

Young Perps

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The second release is called “Too Straight To Stay Straight“. When straight security guards Chris Damned and Sebastian Hunt get super bored during a slow day at work, they confess to each other some naughty things they’ve done alone. After talking it over for a bit, they both agree that exploring new avenues with each other might be just the thing to cure them from boredom.

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