Bromo: Ryan Jacobs gets fucked by Bo Sinn and takes that huge cock in “Petite Petitioner”

This week’s Bromo release – starring Ryan Jacobs and Bo Sinn – is called “Petite Petitioner“. Short and cute Ryan knocks on Bo’s door, hoping for a signature on his speedbump petition. What he gets is an eyeful of Bo’s huge dick when his robe falls open.


Bo Sinn waves the squeaky-clean young man off, but Ryan Jacobs is determined to get that signature, and that dick, so he sneaks inside. Bo puts Ryan up against the wall, asking which one he wants first.

He then pulls him into the living room and feeds Ryan his cock. Bo fucks the bottom on the couch, ripping up the petition and shoving the crumpled-up paper in his mouth.

The hung fucker then bends him over and pounds him from behind, enjoying how the petite guy’s horny hole gapes. Bo makes Ryan cum as he penetrates him in piledriver, then signs his hole with a cumshot before signing his name to Ryan’s clipboard.

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Watch Ryan Jacobs bottom for Bo Sinn in “Petite Petitioner”



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