Ryan Jacobs debuts at MEN and bottoms for Markus Kage in “Birthday Bang”

This scene is the Men.com debut of Ryan Jacobs. He has filmed scenes with Yes Father and Masqulin before. In “Birthday Bang“, the sexy boy gets his ass fucked by his stepdad Markus Kage.


Ryan Jacobs is having a small family birthday celebration when his stepdad, Markus Kage, struts in with a pinata… or rather, a peenata! As Ryan’s mom and sister chat in the living room, the guys go into the kitchen to hang up the dong-shaped decoration.

Ryan catches Markus checking out his ass, so he pulls down his pants and his stepdad starts rimming him. The twink then lies down on the counter so Markus can fuck his mouth! The dudes hurriedly put their clothes back on when the ladies come over, but as Ryan tries to hit the pinata he accidentally knocks out his mom and his sis.

Markus consoles him with some cock, getting the bottom naked and fucking him on the couch. The burly stepdad even picks Ryan up for a stand-and-carry before Ryan rides the top’s cock till he cums, then takes a birthday facial.


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Watch Ryan Jacobs bottom for Markus Kage in “Birthday Bang”



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