CockyBoys: Roman Todd fucks Avery Jones in a hot outdoor scene

Summer at CockyBoys means outdoor sex in fun places and for Avery Jones and Roman Todd, it’s a hammock! As they dreamily rock in the hammock, Avery is curled up next to Roman while his busy hands and lips trace the contours of his muscles and bulging crotch.

Roman Todd gets hard and Avery Jones gets him naked, strokes his growing cock and goes down on him. Roman enjoys what Avery does and he is very vocal in letting him know how good it feels.


Now, Roman gets the fully focused cock and balls worship from Avery and soon face-fucks him while he fingers his hole. Avery stands up so Roman can tongue his hole. The horny top then bends him over to fuck him. At first, Roman uses the hammock’s swinging motion to guide his cock deep into Avery, but he soon wants full control.

Roman slips out of the hammock and plows Avery on all fours. He only stops his relentless ass-pounding to finger probe Avery’s still-tight hole before lying him back on the hammock to fuck him with unbridled lust.

His deep thrusts do their job and he fucks a load out of the happy bottom. Roman is close too but stops, telling Avery, ” I’m not done using your fucking hole”. Roman takes him out of the hammock to pound him against the tree.

Again, Roman becomes a vocal fucking machine until he goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot his massive load, some of which he aims at Avery’s hole. And as Avery wants Roman slides his thick cock back in.

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