TimTales: Newcomer Roman Capellini takes Marco Antonio’s big raw cock

It’s twink-o-clock on TimTales! Watch out, we found you one sexy Latino puto. Newcomer Roman Capellini is the proud owner of a sweet raw hole you wish you could rim all day and breed all night.

Originally from Venezuela, he recently moved to Europe and found his way to Tim’s casting couch. This 23-year-old Latino twink has a perfectly pink buttery hole and a big delicious cock.

You wanna go to heaven, you should fuck me tonight“. That tattoo on his side tells it all. He absolutely loves to be barebacked and bred full of man milk.

So TimTales got him the Casanova Marco Antonio for his debut video. Marco and Roman Capellini together are steamy hot! So much passion, so much fucking. You’ll certainly see more of that sublime little bottom.

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