Rocky Vallarta debuts at Men At Play and bottoms for Manuel Skye in “The Stylist Touch”

Rocky Vallarta makes his Men At Play debut and takes Manuel Skye’s big cock in this release, called “The Stylist Touch“. Manuel has to look slick for tonight’s gala. When Manuel visits his stylist, he is quickly taken down a peg as the experienced couturier chastises the tragic fit of his new silk-blend suit.

Once Rocky Vallarta gets his hands on him, Manuel Skye quickly realizes that he knows how to work around his chiseled chest and perfect bubble butt. Rocky is quick to show appreciation and worships the muscular body.

Rocky then swallows Manuel’s thick daddy dick. Rocky has fun trying more than a few new things and his special stylist “touch” leads to Manuel shooting two big loads, including one on Rocky’s ass and the other all over his face.

Watch Rocky Vallarta bottom for Manuel Skye in “The Stylist Touch”

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