Men At Play: Ricky Blue teaches Jonathan Miranda a lesson and fucks him in “SCAM”

The latest Men At Play release – starring Ricky Blue and Jonathan Miranda – is a hot bareback video, called “SCAM“.

Ricky Blue owns and operates a luxury car dealership. Including the shady business practice of buying and selling stolen cars from the Mafia. Jonathan Miranda works for the Mafia and tried to scam Ricky into buying some stolen cars that were identifiable by the police.

Ricky isn’t taking this situation lightly and is ready to punish Jonathan for trying to scam him! At the car operations center, he finds Jonathan hand-tied, bound, and marked. Ricky is the best at punishing those who cross him and then fucks them, literally, until they ask for mercy.

Men At Play

Watch Ricky Blue punish and fuck Jonathan Miranda in “SCAM”

Men At Play


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