CockyBoys: Raphael Louis is back and pumps his raw cock deep into Olivier Robert

Raphael Louis is back for his second scene with CockyBoys and he has been paired up with the sexy Olivier Robert. Both guys are a little on the shy side. They bond over this and the fact that filming erotica boosts their confidence. This spark leads to sensuous kissing and Olivier’s lips traveling over Raphael’s torso. And in no time Olivier is naked and sucking Raphael’s cock.

Olivier Robert can’t get enough of Raphael Louis‘ juicy cock and he just keeps going even as his ass is played with. But eventually, Raphael wants his turn and after worshiping Olivier’s sculpted body he gives the French ginger a deep blowjob.


Soon he turns Olivier around and bends him over to bury his mouth and tongue on Olivier’s smooth hole. Finally, after fingering and cock-teasing him, Raphael slides his cock into Olivier. Raphael drives his cock in slow and deep, in and out, until he picks up the pace and makes Olivier moan loudly with increased pleasure. Before they go over the edge though, Raphael leads Olivier to bed.

There Olivier resumes his lovingly focused attention sucking Raphael, making out with him, and rimming his smooth hole. One big passionate embrace is just the catalyst for Raphael to take control again.

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Raphael takes Olivier from the side and he makes Olivier cry out from the start. But soon he fucks Olivier on his back, to pin him down and pound him relentlessly, anyway he wants. Finally, Raphael pulls out to shoot his skyrocketing load over Olivier and finish inside him.

He’s also right there finger fucking and kissing Olivier as he lies on his back stroking himself to a breathlessly intense and euphoric orgasm. It’s only when they passionately kiss once more, do these two “shy” guys finally calm down.

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