Raphael Louis debuts at CockyBoys and fucks fellow Canadian Carter Dane

Earlier this week, hot newcomer Raphael Louis made his debut with Masqulin. He filmed a hot solo video with them and I was looking forward to see his first hardcore scene. I wasn’t expecting to see his first hardcore at CockyBoys though… but here it is!

Carter Dane returns to introduce you to Raphael Louis, his hot fellow Canadian! Raphael may be a little shy and intimidated by him, but Carter charms him with sincere compliments,sweet kisses and sensual body play.


With that Raphael’s shyness soon melts away and he buries his face in Carter’s exposed bubble butt. Soon though, in a take-charge way that Raphael likes, Carter pulls off his pants and sucks him deep. After much intuitive pleasure-giving Carter offers up his ass again and a more eager Raphael happily tongues his hole.

Soon, without any prodding Raphael flips Carter on his back and drills him, fucking him without any glimmer of being intimidated and driving moans of pleasure from Carter’s lips.In bed Carter sucks him again and gives Raphael what he likes: to fuck doggy-style

In time Carter wants to kiss more easily so he flips on his back. Raphael plows him and before long before he fucks a very thick load out of Carter in an intense orgasm. Raphael keep going until he pulls out to shoot a big load too and as Carter wishes, he breeds him. Carter is giddy with sexual satisfaction and he’s not about to let Raphael be a one-time only experience. Raphael is a keeper!

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