Movie Preview: A First Look at Raging Stallion’s “Cake Shop”

Now that the first scene from “Cake Shop” has been released, let’s have a look at this new movie from Raging Stallion and see what we can expect. This bareback movie has been directed by Steve Cruz and contains six hardcore scenes.

Raging Stallion’s bareback bakery “Cake Shop” takes you on a behind the scenes look at two guys, a gay bakery dream and some very special ingredients!

“Cake Shop” is a sexually intense, gay porn comedic romp written and directed by Steve Cruz. The movie delivers a hilarious group of all-natural, creampie kinksters who drop a lot of icing on each other’s cakes.

The cast: Sharok, Donnie Argento, Jake Nicola, Devin Trez, Beaux Banks, Ricky Larkin, Draven Navarro, Wade Wolfgar, Cain Marko, Romeo Davis and Jason Vario.


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“Cake Shop” – The Movie Trailer


Ex-lovers Wade Wolfgar and Jake Nicola set up shop, and their bareback bakery starts booming. Filling a special order for Donnie Argento‘s first anniversary cake for his husband Sharok, Jake Nicola gets nasty with a raw three way right on the countertop. Donnie squats on a delectable dessert and Jake and Sharok bury their faces in the frosting, till their hardcore vers threeway leaves Jake glazed in cum.

Wade hires an assistant, sexy smartass Beaux Banks, who sneaks huge hung fuck buddy Devin Trez thru the back door to pound his back door. In the spirit of equality, the ‘Cake Shop’ caters to couples with differing beliefs, like a fictitious MAGA supporter played by Ricky Larkin and his antivax bride – till Beaux sabotages their big day.

“Draven Navarro has this great idea to turn the cake shop into a porn studio”

The new cashier, Draven Navarro, has to assuage the rage of the horned-up Ricky and drain his bull balls with a wet mouth and hot hungry hole. Health inspector Cain Marko pops by for a surprise visit, and Wade will do anything to make up for their code violations, including violating the inspector on the kitchen counter.

With his job on the line, Beaux cooks up a scheme to ditch the cake shop for good. He calls up bad boy Romeo Davis for some booty call baby batter. As the health department finally puts an end to the rainbow confections, Draven Navarro comes up with a plan to save the business.

He has this great idea to turn the cake shop into a porn studio… with big dick stud Jason Vario fucking the daylights out of him. Jake and Wade face a bright new future, proving you can have your cock and eat it too!



“Cake Shop” – The Release Schedule

Raging Stallion's Cake Shop movie

The scenes from this new bareback movie will be released as per the below schedule:

  • 1st scene – February 28, 2020: Sharok, Donnie Argento and Jake Nicola
  • 2nd scene – March 2, 2020: Devin Trez and Beaux Banks
  • 3rd scene – March 6, 2020: Ricky Larkin and Draven Navarro
  • 4th scene – March 13, 2020: Wade Wolfgar and Cain Marko
  • 5th scene – March 20, 2020: Romeo Davis and Beaux Banks
  • 6th scene – Jason Vario and Draven Navarro


Raging Stallion


Wanna see more of those yummy Cake Shop scenes? Here are the links to the image sets and video trailers for each scene of the movie:



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