Men At Play: Pol Prince and Gustavo Cruz fuck each other in “Level Test”

This bareback flip-fuck scene from Men At Play is called “Level Test” and brings together Pol Prince and Gustavo Cruz.

Men At Play

Pol visits Gustavo’s pilates and rehabilitation center, looking for information regarding stretching classes in order to improve his flexibility. After showing Pol Prince around, Gustavo Cruz discusses the benefits of stretching – the sexual, as well as the physical ones.

In order for Gustavo to recommend a course of action, he needs to see what Pol is capable of and tells him that he needs to go through a level test. Thinking of the sexual benefits the training could provide, Pol wants to start ASAP and asks Gustavo to show him what he is capable of, right then and there!


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Watch Pol Prince and Gustavo Cruz fuck in “Level Test”

Men At Play


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