Sean Cody: Phoenix bottoms for the first time and takes Brysen’s meaty cock

It’s mustached hottie Phoenix’s first time bottoming for Sean Cody today, and he tells Brysen he’s looking forward to “Just something very sensual and slow…”

Sean Cody

Brysen asks with a laugh, “Have you watched my films?” Nevertheless, Brysen seems to enjoy the change of pace as he and Phoenix kiss each other’s necks and chests.

Phoenix then sensually sucks his cock, so he strips the bottom’s shorts off and slowly fingers his hole. Phoenix shows the top just how much fun slow and sensual can be as he rides him.

With some deep doggystyle till the bottom cums, Brysen takes his turn to demonstrate that a hard fuck can be just as enjoyable, then shoots his load on Phoenix’s gaping hole.

Sean Cody's Phoenix


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Sean Cody


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