MEN: Paul Canon & Finn Harding double-penetrate Felix Fox in “New Years Sleaze” (part 1)

Felix Fox gets lots of cock in the first part of “New Years Sleaze“. Paul Canon and Finn Harding double-penetrate Felix in this super hot release.

After Paul sucks his boyfriend, Finn’s cock at a New Year’s Eve party, he doesn’t want to spill a drop on either of their immaculate suits. He spits the load into a glass of bubbly, much to the chagrin of caterer Felix Fox, who swallows it up to make sure it doesn’t go to waste!

When Felix splits his pants, gentlemanly Finn helps him hide it by standing behind him, but soon gives in to temptation, fingering the blond twink’s hole and fucking him doggy-style!

When Paul catches his man rimming the caterer in another room, he pops a bottle to turn this party into a fuckfest, covering them in bubbles before taking his turn licking the twink’s hole.

Felix sucks both cocks, then gets pounded by Paul Canon as he swallows Finn Harding‘s big dick. Paul rides his boyfriend as the twink feeds him his cock.

Then Felix gets double penetrated by both guys at once! Paul cums as he rides Felix’s cock, then Finn makes the hot caterer blow his load as he pounds him in missionary, then pulls out to cum all over him.

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