MEN: Paul Canon fills Calhoun Sawyer up with his hard cock in “The Fab 3” (scene 2)

The “Fab 3” (Diego Sans, Paul Canon and Sean Zevran) continue their total lifestyle makeover of landscape gardener Calhoun Sawyer as food expert Paul Canon addresses the truly sad state of Calhoun’s kitchen.

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The hot chef and his eager student work up an appetite as they make some tangy and creamy guacamole, feeding it to each other with their fingers. Then Calhoun Sawyer gets a taste of Paul Canon‘s big cock, and Paul devours the sexy Southerner’s ass!

This chef’s favorite position is, of course, spoon, and he reaches around to stroke Calhoun’s cock as he fucks his ass on the counter till the bottom cums. Paul blows his load into the guacamole bowl and feeds Calhoun the tasty treat!

Watch Calhoun Sawyer bottom for Diego Sans in “The Fab 3” (scene 1)


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Watch Paul Canon fuck Calhoun Sawyer in “The Fab 3” (scene 2)

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