CockyBoys: Olivier Robert and Skyy Knox suck and fuck each other

New CockyBoys exclusive Olivier Robert returns to show off his versatility in a passionate flip-fuck video with Skyy Knox! These hot guys see eye-to-eye on the pleasure of giving pleasure and they make a connection right from the start.

Olivier Robert and Skyy Knox make out and explore their muscular bodies through their clothes. Once Olivier starts to go down on him, Skyy quickly gets naked though. Olivier goes further than sucking cock by playing with Skyy’s nipples and rubbing his cock on his hairy chest… and engaging in lots of kissing.


But soon Skyy wants to give back and gets Olivier on the bed to eat his ass, suck his cock, and play with his ripped body. Skyy keeps going with this extended oral foreplay even as he gets Olivier on all fours. But after teasing and humping his spit-lubed crack Skyy finally gives his cock.

The Falcon Studios exclusive drills and thrusts into Olivier deep, mixing it up while maintaining his passionate focus. And when it’s time to change it up, they just know it: Skyy lies on his back, and Olivier sits on his cock and rides him. They move together intuitively, each guy fixing their gaze on the other’s reaction, as Olivier grinds on Skyy who also thrusts up to pound his hole.


Watch Olivier and Skyy flip-fuck at CockyBoys


Finally, they stand up and kiss again before Olivier takes his turn topping. He matches Skyy in his passion as he drills him from behind in front of a mirror, and in his control making out with him before lying him on his back to pound him.

Olivier fucks a thick load out of Skyy and he keeps fucking until he pulls out to shoot a load that glazes Skyy’s ripped torso. As they lock lips once more, they acknowledge this was good… just as they probably already knew it would be.

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Watch Olivier Robert and Skyy Knox flip-fuck at CockyBoys



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