Lucas Entertainment: Oliver Hunt & Tomas Brand flip-fuck in “Open Up For Daddy” (scene 1)

Oliver Hunt and Tomas Brand fuck each other in the first scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Open Up For Daddy“. Out of all of Oliver Hunt’s incredible features, it’s his smirk youthful smirk that will grab your attention first.

It’s that devilish little smile of his that first pulled in Viktor Rom and Andrey Vic, leading to them both spit-roasting Oliver Hunt in the mouth and ass in his first Lucas Entertainment scene. Oliver Hunt has a strong attraction to men older than him in general. He has a fixation on daddies, and it’s that fixation and his youthful good looks that draw the attention of Tomas Brand.

Tomas strips down and reveals his Atlas-like physique to Oliver. The boy immediately starts working extra hard to open up for daddy! But Oliver soon shows a side many don’t see, and with the cameras rolling, he spins his hulking muscle-daddy around and mounts him. After all, it’s important for a daddy to know he’s taught his boy well!

Watch Oliver Hunt and Tomas Brand flip-fuck in “open Up For Daddy” (part 1)

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Watch Tomas Brand flip-fuck with Oliver Hunt at Lucas Entertainment



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