Oliver Hunt and Allen King service Adam Franco in “Banging & Breeding” (scene 3)

This threesome is the third scene from “Banging & Breeding” and marks the gay porn debut of daddy Adam Franco. The guys from Lucas Entertainment have paired him up with Oliver Hunt and Allen King.

Lucas Entertainment

Adam is a handsome silver fox who’s receiving an incredible amount of attention from younger men who want to work out their daddy issues with him.

Allen King and Oliver Hunt, two hot and tight guys with boyish good looks are among the young admirers who want to get Adam Franco in the sack. The three find themselves making out in bed, all wearing tight-fitting briefs.

The real fun begins when the briefs come off! The young guys worship Adam’s daddy dick before they all suck each other’s cocks. Adam thrusts his raw dick deep into Oliver and Allen. He also teams up with Allen to spit-roast Oliver.

Watch Adam Franco’s debut scene at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Oliver Hunt and Allen King service Adam Franco



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