Norse Fuckers (part 4): Malik Delgaty fucks Felix Fox and gives him his load

This hardcore scene – starring Malik Delgaty and Felix Fox – is the fourth part of the gay porn studio’s series “Norse Fuckers“.

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In exchange for a temple built to his eternal glory, the Norse God of Chaos Loki (played by Felix Fox) agrees to voyage across the seas to find Thor, God of Thunder.

Thor (played by Malik Delgaty) is the only being strong enough to stop Dracock the Dragon from destroying the Norse lands.

Thor has found his peace living a simple life as a blacksmith with a human wife, and doesn’t want to return… until he finds Loki teasing his hole with the metal cock he forged.

Loki’s mouth around his godly dick reawakens Thor’s hunger for glory, and for his tight hole. Thor pounds the god of chaos doggy-style, then Loki rides the top’s cock.

The trickster cums as he gets drilled in missionary, then Thor shoots a thunderbolt on his face!

Norse Fuckers gay porn series


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Watch Malim Delgaty & Felix Fox in “Norse Fuckers” (part 4)



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