Sean Cody: Nixon and Archie double-penetrate Manny’s hole

Here’s the first Sean Cody threeway of 2020 and it’s also Nixon’s very first threesome. Nixon teams up with Archie to double-penetrate Manny’s hole!!

Sean Cody

Nixon, Archie, and Manny are all seasoned performers who’ve filmed together before, but this is a big day: Nixon’s first ever threeway! Are these studs ready to try a DP? Manny states with confidence, “We’re not gonna try, no. We’re gonna do it.”

The guys begin with a three-way kiss before Archie kneels to suck Nixon and Manny’s cocks, then Nixon fucks Archie while Archie and Manny 69. After the hotties cum once, it’s time to stretch Manny’s hole with an awesome double-penetration!


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Watch Nixon and Archie double-penetrate Manny at Sean Cody

Sean Cody


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