CockyBoys: Nikko Russo fucks Edward Terrant in “Catch & Release” (part 3)

Montreal’s Gay Village becomes a cruising zone for Nikko Russo and Edward Terrant in episode 3 of the CockyBoys series “Catch & Release“! They subtly pursue each other at a kitschy outdoor art exhibit before Edward follows Nikko to a nearby gay boutique.


Nikko Russo goes into a dressing room to try on clothes and soon sticks out his fully erect cock through the curtains! Edward Terrant simply can’t resist and goes down on him and gulping down every inch.

Nikko wants more privacy and pulls Edward into the dressing room to make out with him. After getting more passionate sucking, Nikko returns the favor before turning Edward around to rim and tease his hole. Finally, Nikko fucks Edward who gets increasingly vocal, prompting Nikko to take firmer control.

Nikko then flips Edward on his back to pound his hole. Edward has to put his hand over his own mouth to muffle his voice. Next, Edward takes control and starts to ride Nikko’s big raw dick.

The intensity of their secret sex eventually pushes Nikko over the edge, and he pulls out to give Edward a big facial. And, as Edward sucks the cum off Niko’s dick, he shoots his own load. The guys share one more kiss before they get dressed and slip out of the store.

Watch Nikko and Edward fuck in “Catch & Release” (part 3)



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