MEN: Nick LA gets fucked by muscle hunk Adrian Hart in “Precinct 69” (part 2)

This is the second part of the series “Precinct 69“. Captain Adrian Hart of Precinct 69 is working on some paperwork when he starts feeling horny. He checks that the coast is clear before he takes his dick out, but Officer Nick LA walks into his office and catches him.

Nick wants to help his captain polish his nightstick, so he gets to his knees and sucks that cock. As Nick LA deepthroats Adrian Hart, the top accidentally pulls down his curtains. Right outside, the janitor is cleaning up in the hall.

When he turns and sees Captain Hart rimming Nick through the glass, he falls over! Adrian isn’t concerned about the man down–he’s much more interested in the man he’s going down on. He bends Adrian over and penetrates his hole with a toy, then explores it with his tongue.

The bottom rides Adrian on a chair, then the top sucks Nick’s cock before fucking him on the captain’s desk. Adrian stretches Nick’s ass out in doggy-style, then turns the bottom on his back as Nick asks for more. Nick strokes his cock till he cums, then takes the captain’s hot load in his mouth.

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