Falcon Studios: Nic Sahara & Devin Trez double fuck Devin Franco in “Born To Porn” (scene 4)

The fourth scene from Falcon Studios’ “Born To Porn” is one you don’t want to miss. In this bareback threesome, Nic Sahara and Devin Trez team up and double-fuck Devin Franco.

Falcon Studios

As Devin Franco and Nic Sahara are about to get down to business, Devin Trez joins the duo to get his cock sucked by them both. Devin Trez savors every moment that Devin Franco and Nic spend, devouring his cock. After fucking their throats, Devin Trez lines up the studs so he can rim Nic’s ass while Devin Franco gets his cock sucked.

With Devin Franco’s dick in his mouth, Nic takes Devin Trez’s pole up his hole. When it’s Devin Franco’s turn to get stretched, he hops on top to ride Devin Trez’s meat bareback while Nic licks them both from behind.

Nic wants in on the fun and lines up to double-fuck Devin Franco. After squeezing his cock into Devin Franco’s tight ass, Nic switches it up to feed Devin Franco the cock that was just in his ass while Devin Trez keeps pounding away.

Devin Franco keeps sucking Nic’s cock until a fresh load is delivered right his mouth as he gets bred by Devin Trez. Franco sits back one last time to jerk his cock until his nuts while Devin Trez fingers his hole.


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Watch Nic Sahara, Devin Trez & Devin Franco fuck in “Born To Porn”

Falcon Studios


Watch Nic Sahara and Devin Trez double-fuck Devin Franco



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