Hot House: Nic Sahara and Adrian Hart flip-fuck in “Take Me To Gripland” (scene 2)

The second scene from “Take Me To Gripland” is a hot flip-fuck scene. For this scene, Hot House has paired up Nic Sahara and Adrian Hart. The boys are hard at work in the porn studio preparing for the next movie.

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Nic Sahara decides it’s time for a break, and he goes for it with Adrian Hart, who doesn’t resist. As the clothes hit the floor of the shop, Adrian is the first to get his mouth filled with Nic’s uncut cock. After fucking Adrian’s mouth, Nic bends him over and tongue-fucks his smooth crack.

Nic wants to get deeper so he stands behind Adrian and slides his uncut rod deep inside Adrian’s hole. After taking it in multiple positions, Adrian wants to be in control. Nic lays back and Adrian goes in full force, pushing his cock deep into Nic’s asshole.

Adrian picks up the pace, drilling Nic’s hole. The relentless bareback pounding pushes Adrian over the edge, and he empties his sack all over Nic’s cock, while an unknown crew member looks on out of sight. With his cock covered in cum, Nic lets out thick ropes that cover his tatted stomach.

ICYMI: Arad Winwin fucks Austin Avery in the first scene

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