MEN: Nate Grimes fucks Michael Boston and makes his boyfriend watch

Today’s release is called “Robbed and Cuck’d“. Michael Boston is horny and wants to fuck, but his man (Johnny B) doesn’t want to wake up, not even when Michael hears the sounds of someone in their home! The brave bottom goes to confront intruder Nate Grimes in nothing but his boxers, and Nate agrees to let Michael pat him down.

When Michael Boston feels the masked man’s hard dick in his pants, he takes it out and sucks it, then leads him into the bedroom for Nate to eat his ass right next to his cuck boyfriend! Michael takes Nate Grimes‘ cock deep. His moans wake his boyfriend, Johnny B up, so he quickly cuffs him.

He makes him watch as Nate pounds his hole in mish, then he rides the ass bandit on the couch. The anal intruder bends Michael over the bed till the bottom cums, then leaves some evidence on his cheeks before he makes his escape!


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