MEN: Moose, Theo Brady and Matthew Camp fuck in “Matthew Camp’s Secret Auction”

Moose and Theo Brady get double the fun in this release – called “Matthew Camp’s Secret Auction“. They fuck with the real Matthew Camp and a Matthew Camp sex doll.

Masked and costumed perverts file into a secret location to bid on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a life-sized and fully fuckable replica of pornstar Matthew Camp! The bids fly fast and hard, but masturbating twinks Theo Brady and Moose pledge so much money.

The boys instantly win the auction, and the real Matthew Camp says they can have him too! The twinks suck Matthew’s cock together, then Moose sucks first the doll’s dick then Theo’s as Matthew rims him before it’s time to try out their new purchase.

Theo is the first to fuck its hole, then it’s Moose’s turn, and finally, Matthew fucks himself and even fists it! Theo gets the best of both worlds, fucking the plastic Matt while getting railed by the real one.

Then he penetrates Moose doggy-style as Moose fucks the toy’s hole. The twinks cum on Doll Matthew’s cock and face, and it’s real Matthew’s turn to fill his doll self with a creampie!


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