Bromo: Milo Madera gets fucked by hung neighbor Bo Sinn in “Fuck Your Workout”

Resident fucker Bo Sinn fucks his upstairs neighbor Milo Madera in this Bromo update, called “Fuck Your Workout“. Milo wakes Bo up early on a weekend with the noise of his workout.


Banging his baseball bat against the ceiling does nothing to stop the noise, so Bo Sinn marches up the stairs and pounds on the door. When Milo Madera lets him in, Bo puts him up against the wall and tells him to cut out the noise, but Milo just leans forward and kisses him!

Bo tosses the bottom on the couch and rips open his shorts to spank Milo’s ass, then feeds him his cock. Milo rims the top and sucks that huge dick, then lies on the floor to take it from behind.

Bo works the bottom out as he fucks him nice and deep, and Milo rides him on the couch, then pounds him deep in mish. Milo asks for even more of that dick as he strokes himself till he cums, then Bo jizzes all over him.

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