Men At Play: Butler Miguel Angel services Pierce Paris and takes his big cock

This new Men At Play release is the first part of the “Butler Service” mini-series. Miguel Angel is Pierce Paris’ personal butler – with white gloves and a winged collar shirt. Every morning they follow the same routine: coffee and newspaper in bed, dressing up, and a complimentary blowjob.

Men At Play

Pierce Paris doesn’t really pay much attention to Miguel Angel. He pretty much takes Miguel and his services for granted. At the end of the day, he is there to serve and service him. While dressing Pierce, he has to regularly suck his big cock until Pierce decides he is had enough and it’s time to fuck.

After a long and intense fuck session, full of feet worship and pleasure, Miguel Angel waits on his knees with begging hands for his reward – Pierce’s creamy cum load.

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Men At Play


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