Disruptive Films: Michael Boston gets fucked by Johnny Ford in “Peeping Todd”

The latest release from Disruptive Films is called “Peeping Todd” and brings Johnny Ford and Michael Boston together. Todd has a filming fetish. He likes to invite good-looking, sexually curious performers over to his house and then film them having hardcore anal sex.

It doesn’t matter their gender or orientation, what gets him off is his ability to lose himself behind the lens and watch beautiful people getting fucked out and shedding their inhibitions for him and his audience.

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Todd speaks candidly with Johnny Ford and Michael Boston, asking them to tell his camera why they are here today. He then has them do a variety of poses around the pool. With each pose, Todd’s assistant captures stills off-camera using a silent shutter.

Todd enjoys filming and instructing both performers – especially knowing who will be topping and who will be bottoming for the anal. He has them first pose in their outfits and then strips down to white underwear. He has a thing for white underwear.

Todd has the performers tease each other, using a little oil to make the underwear translucent, and then invites them to join him inside. Johnny and Michael are ready for sex. Todd finishes his tease segment with some explicit poses that tease the anal about to happen.

His assistant finishes taking stills. Todd then invites the performers to engage in sloppy mutual oral and then into the first of several anal positions. Todd loses himself in his filming, allowing himself to be free to comment, compliment, and ask his performers to adjust themselves or introduce any accessories.

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Watch Johnny Ford fuck Michael Boston in “Peeping Todd”




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