Noir Male: Max Konnor pounds Derek Cline in “The Master’s Wishes”

Here’s the fourth scene from “Sin City” – the latest Noir Male movie by director Chi Chi LaRue. This scene – called “The Master’s Wishes” – brings Max Konnor and Derek Cline together.

Noir Male

Max Konnor is the master of his domain and with the help of his two jock strapped henchmen he fulfills his and Derek’s fantasies of what it’s like to live a sexy Vegas experience. The two henchmen seductively undress Derek Cline and prepare him for the masters taking.

Max uses his incredible muscled body and his insanely huge cock to bring Derek to fits of ecstasy. The young man explodes his Cum everywhere and Max gives him a jizz shower Before the two henchmen cover derricks face in hot creamy loads.

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Watch Max Konnor dominate Derek Cline in “The Master’s Wishes”

Noir Male


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