MEN: Matthew Camp fucks Beaux Banks in “Rise Of The Sirens” (scene 1)

Rise Of The Sirens” is MEN’s brand new mini-series. This gay porn series consist of four bareback scenes, of which the first one brings Matthew Camp and Beaux Banks together.

When surfer Matthew Camp spots stunning Beaux Banks washed up naked on the beach, he just thinks the waves took Beaux’s towel, not realizing Beaux is actually a siren. Fascinated with the first human he’s ever seen, Beaux examines every inch of Matthew’s body, kissing and licking him all over, then deep-throating his dinglehopper.

Matthew eats Beaux’s hole and slides his cock into the mysterious bottom’s ass. The guys 69 until Matthew fills Beaux’s mouth with his load, then Beaux cums on the top’s face. Matthew tenderly returns him to the water and Beaux swims away with a flick of his newly returned tail…


Here’s how “Rise Of The Sirens” continues…

Collin Simpson and JJ Knight capture Beaux in the second part. They think he’s the killer, and their excitement is so high that they need to fuck before taking their revenge.

Meanwhile, Matthew’s friend Colby Tucker investigates the scene of the crime in the third part of “Rise Of The Sirens“. Colby finds a hot fuck and a bit more than he bargained for from hungry siren Paul Canon.

Just as Beaux gets free from JJ and Collin and reunites with Matthew, he’s tracked down by his undersea husband Angel Rivera. Matthew must duel the hungry Angel, dominating him as he fucks both sirens at once in the fourth and final scene.

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Watch Matthew Camp fuck Beaux Banks in “Rise Of The Sirens” (part 1)


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