Matthew Camp fucks Angel Rivera and Beaux Banks in “Rise Of The Sirens” (scene 4)

The Network has today released the fourth scene from their “Rise Of The Sirens” series. Matthew Camp fucks both Angel Rivera and Beaux Banks in this final part.

Siren Beaux Banks has managed to flee his captors Collin Simpson and JJ Knight, jumping off the cliffs into the ocean. Beaux floats face-down so motionlessly that Matthew Camp forgets his lover can breathe underwater and swims out to rescue him!

Just as the guys think they’re safe, Beaux’s undersea husband chases them, and Beaux tells Matthew that he’ll have to duel the merman for dominance. Matthew shows Angel Rivera and Beaux a whole new world as the mermen see what having a cock and a hole are really all about.

He pounds Beaux first and then fills Angel up with raw meat. Beaux and Matthew join together to establish Matthew’s dominance as they both cum on Angel’s face, showing the dangerous siren a threesome hotter than anything he could experience under the sea.


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