MEN: Markus Kage fucks Theo Brady and makes his boyfriend watch in “Mover Fucker”

This release from the Network is called “Mover Fucker“. When Theo Brady’s boyfriend (played by Thyle Knoxx) heads upstairs, Theo decides it’s time to take a little break from the unpacking. Not much later, he gets caught with his dick in his hand when their buddy, Markus Kage, arrives to help out.

Theo Brady helps Markus Kage‘s cock out of his pants, deep-throating him and hiding behind a stack of boxes when his man comes in to say hello. Markus fucks Theo’s hole doggy-style, pounding him up against the window where the new neighbors can get an eyeful of the twink’s slender body.

When Theo’s boyfriend Thyle Knoxx eventually catches them fucking he wants to get some of Markus’s dick too. Instead they make the cuck watch as Markus fucks Theo, then they give him a double cuck facial!


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Watch Markus Kage fuck Theo Brady in “Mover Fucker”


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