MEN: Drill Sergeant Markus Kage fucks Edward Terrant in “Booty To The Ground”

Markus Kage fucks Edward Terrant in the latest release, called “Booty To The Ground“. As drill sergeant Markus gets ready for his day with full military discipline, his stepson Edward is trying to get off.

As Markus Kage dresses in his uniform, Edward Terrant steals his stepdad’s helmet and sticks his dildo to it, then fucks himself! Markus catches the twink riding the toy just as Edward cums… on his shiny boot!

The strict soldier makes Edward clean his boot with his tongue, then clean his cock too. The sergeant delivers an over-the-knee spanking before eating Edward’s hole and fucking him doggy-style. Edward rides his stepdad’s cock till he cums, then Markus fucks the twink in piledriver and jizzes all over his booty.

Markus Kage and Edward Terrant have also filmed scenes together for Dad Creep and Masqulin.


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