Raging Stallion: Markus Kage fucks Beau Butler in “Fuck Me Fast & Furious” (scene 3)

Here’s the third scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Fuck Me Fast & Furious“. The sexy Beau Butler just won for betting on driver Markus Kage to win his big race.

To show his appreciation, Beau is breaking out a bottle and getting on his knees right in the middle of his garage. He slurps up every inch of Markus’ daddy cock.

Raging Stallion

The bearded top then takes Beau, bends him over the seat of his car, and orally services his enormous, hairy cheeks.

With his hole wet and ready to go full throttle, Markus Kage slides his uncut cock into Beau Butler bareback.

A few more thrusts from Markus has both hunks crossing the finish line and coating Beau’s bushy pubes in their hot ropes.


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Raging Stallion


Watch Markus Kage fuck Beau Butler at Raging Stallion



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