Masqulin: Hairy trainer Markus Kage fucks Alex Montenegro in “The Trainer” (part 3)

The guys from Masqulin have just released the third part of their “The Trainer” series. Mischievous trainer Markus Kage is back and this time he fucked Alex Montenegro.

Bareback Porn at Masqulin

When a new client, Alex Montenegro, and Markus Kage meet for their first session, the hairy, muscled tattooed trainer is told that he wants to work on his butt.

Markus starts with a traditional workout but doesn’t push his client too hard on squats or walking lunges. Instead, for best results, Markus soon recommends a good ass rimming and deep cock riding.

ICYMI: Watch Markus fuck Thyle Knoxx in part 1 and Ace Quinn in part 2


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Bareback Porn at Masqulin


Watch Markus Kage fuck Alex Montenegro at Masqulin



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