TimTales Update: Mario Galeno, Vladimir Stark, Leon, Saverio, Gaucho, Tian Tao & Guido Stahl

This TimTales update covers the studio’s four latest releases. Hung Brazilian fucker Mario Galeno is back and plows Vladimir Stark. Another big-dicked Brazilian top makes his debut at TimTales. His name is Leon and he has been paired up with Saverio.

Guido Stahl also makes his debut and gets fucked by Gaucho and Tian Tao. The first TimTales scene of 2021 brings together Gaucho and Saverio. Enjoy these super hot bareback scenes!


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Mario Galeno raw-fucks Vladimir Stark

Are you ready for some Brazilian heat? Big dick Alpha top Mario Galeno is back in our studios to turn the heat on.

That rough top is here to teach a masterclass in hardcore breeding to our beautiful Russian Vladimir Stark. Nothing like a massive raw Brazilian cock to warm up a cold winter night.

That lucky bottom is in for one bumpy ride. Marco breeds him so roughly, he makes music with that gaping hole. It’s a bareback symphony you don’t wanna miss.



Newcomer Leon pounds Saverio’s hole

On this Holy Night, TimTales got you a Holy breeding session! Meet the crazy sexy Brazilian Alpha rough top Leon and his massive big dick. That top is so masculine it’s ridiculous.

When he fucks his bottom, he takes possession of that raw hole. He makes any bottom his own; body, hole, and soul. That’s exactly what happens to Saverio.

He came to our studios to get fucked crazy but then finds himself the object of an alpha top. What else you need? Get ready for one intense breeding session that ends with a perfect creampie à la TimTales.



Guido Stahl gets fucked by Gaucho and Tian Tao

A big muscular Daddy came to our studio AKA the ultimate bareback destination. He’s got the perfect huge muscle ass to be bred and rough fucked to the extreme. Meet Guido Stahl, a true master at taking all the raw cocks in the hood.

Originally a dancer by profession, Guido’s been training his strong legs with heavy lifting and intense cock riding. No surprise here, he’s so ready for Gaucho and Tian’s fat dicks.

At the smell of cocks, Guido was already wet and ready. Watch him ride all those cocks with such vigor. He’s truly an expert and deserves all the man milk in the world.



Saverio bottoms for Gaucho and takes his big cock

Fuck 2020; Deep and without lube, right? Well, let’s start this New Year by breeding the hungry and optimistically opened the hole of Timtales’ Saverio. This Italian bottomless bottom knows best how to start with a bang!

Taking raw cocks is truly his life devotion. So Gaucho and his thick Brazilian cock are back on track to give that eager hole its first fuck of the year. And it’s gonna be a massive one. There’s so much chemistry between those two horny souls.

Is it the beginning of a lasting romance? Welcome to 2021, where anything is possible. And don’t miss that epic doggy style that will give you vertigo.



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