MEN: Malik Delgaty and Alex Mecum fuck Benjamin Blue in “Wedding Balls” (part 2)

Last week, we saw Alex Mecum fucking his future stepson in the first part of the series “Wedding Balls“. In the second part, limo driver Malik Delgaty joins Alex to fuck Benjamin Blue.

Alex Mecum is so excited to see his veiled bride walk down the aisle… until the woman he’s supposed to marry runs in her underwear, screaming to stop the wedding!

Alex pulls back the veil to see his intended stepson, Benjamin Blue, who’s determined to make Alex his. Benjamin kisses the groom and the guys run out to the waiting getaway car, where Benjamin sucks Alex’s cock as they make their escape.

Limo driver Malik Delgaty can’t help getting turned on and strokes his cock as he watches Alex rimming Benjamin in the back.

The guys invite Malik to join them, taking turns sucking his huge dick before the two tops spit-roast Benjamin. Alex licks Malik’s cock as the muscular driver fucks Benjamin doggy-style, and Benjamin rides Alex reverse while he sucks Malik.

Then both guys lift Benjamin up as Malik fucks him stand-and-carry till the bottom cums! Alex and Malik give Benjamin a double facial, and then it’s off to the airport!

Watch Alex fuck Benjamin in “Wedding Balls” (part 1)


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Watch Malik Delgaty and Alex Mecum fuck Benjamin Blue



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