Pride Studios: Mac Savage takes Ray Dalton’s fat cock in “Hung & Thick”

Hung muscle daddy Ray Dalton is back at Pride Studios and they’ve paired him up with Mac Savage. The latter one is no stranger to what goes on in the men’s locker room when no one is around, but he’s never seen anyone packing as much meat as Ray Dalton.

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Mac Savage doesn’t mean to stare but Ray isn’t exactly shy about showing off his goods, and when he catches Mac spying on him, he gladly gives him the full show. Mac’s jaw drops when he sees the full size of it.

He’s going to need to open as wide as possible though… to fit all of Ray down his throat. He sure tries, to his credit, and he almost gets it all the way down. Maybe Ray will be able to fit it all in Mac’s other hole. Who wants to watch him try?


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