TimTales: Newcomer Lex Vargas gets fucked by Brazilian power top Caio Veyron

The one and only Brazilian power top Caio Veyron is finally back on TimTales! This is his very first bareback scene and it’s also the TimTales debut of Lex Vargas. This Peruvian bottom boy currently lives in France.

Lex Vargas has also filmed with the guys from Lucas Entertainment. His scene with Viktor Rom will be released on the 1st of November, 2021. Watch the video trailer here!


Get ready for an overload of cum-drenching surprises. Caio Veyron is back and his lucky bottom is Tiktok star Lex Vargas arriving directly from Paris. That sweet little guy is one cock-hungry bottomless bottom.

For any debut, being teamed up with an Alpha like Caio, you gotta have a load of courage. But Lex is right in his element taking that massive raw cock with all the pleasure in the world. As they say, if you survive King Caio, you’ll go far as a bottom. Ain’t that right, Lex?

Watch Caio Veyron fuck Peruvian bottom boy Lex Vargas



Watch Caio Veyron fuck Lex Vargas at TimTales



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