CockyBoys: Levi Karter bottoms for Angel Rivera in a hot outdoor scene

CockyBoys has released a very hot outdoor scene in which Levi Karter gets fucked by Angel Rivera! The boys have some tips to share on outdoor sex and what better way to offer these tips than to show you!

Fortunately we’ve made it easier for Angel Rivera and Levi Karter to carry out their outdoor sex fantasy on a big bed in the woods. It’s here where they make out and Levi licks and sucks Angel’s cock through his briefs and makes it grow hard. In no time Levi gets out and sucks Angel’s still growing cock and shows his deep-throating skills.


Levi takes Angel’s hip-thrusts easily and eagerly. He follows his commands by licking Angel’s big balls, stripping down and getting into a 69 so Angel can rim his ass. Levi keeps sucking as he rides Angel’s mouth and literally sits on his face.

When his hole is nice and juicy Levi does as Angel wishes and sits on his cock. Levi Karter rides Angel Rivera’s cock every which way… taking all of Angel’s powerful piston-fucking.

Eventually, Levi lies back to give control to Angel control who does with relentless deep-pounding before flipping Levi over to drill the cute ass offered up. Levi craves Angel’s load and when Angel pulls out, he spreads his cheeks to give him a tempting target.

Angel shoots his thick load over Levi’s hole and pumps it into him. He then pounds Levi from the side and fucks a load out of him with both guys relishing their deep satisfaction in the dreamy aftermath.

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