Men At Play: Leo Rosso pounds Bastian Karim’s greedy hole in “Cine-X Chill & Play”

This video – called “Cine-X Chill & Play” – marks the Men At Play debut of Bastian Karim. He has been paired up with Leo Rosso, who is enjoying a Men At Play movie of men having sex in suits at the Cine-X.

Men At Play

He can’t help take out his cock and start to jerk off. Young Colombian Bastian arrives and sits in the row behind. As with many gentlemen before him at Cine-X, Bastian is horny and starts to play with himself.

Noticing the sexy boy, Leo Rosso invites Bastian Karim to change seats next to him. And, an afternoon office break turns into a chill and play suited fuck session at the MAP Cine-X!


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Watch Leo Rosso raw-fuck Bastian Karim at Men At Play

Men At Play


Watch Leo Rosso fuck Bastian Karim in “Cine-X Chill & Play”



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