Masqulin: Officers Leo Louis and Alex Mecum fuck Lev Ivankov in “The Cops Want In” (part 1)

The guys from Masqulin have released a hot bareback threesome. Leo Louis and Alex Mecum take turns fucking Lev Ivanko in the first part of “The Cops Want In“.

Bareback Porn at Masqulin

Lev’s neighbors report him to cops – saying that he is violating building noise levels and is throwing a party. But when two cops show up and start looking around, they find him alone.

Officer Leo Louis recognizes Lev Ivankov’s mouth from his XXX online videos – and decides to put it to good use. Cohering to the motto: “To Protect and Serve”, Officer Alex Mecum joins Officer Louis in on the fun and they both serve Lev with a big penalty!


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Watch Leo Louis and Alex Mecum tag-team Lev Ivankov at Masqulin

Bareback Porn at Masqulin


Watch Leo Louis & Alex Mecum fuck Lev Ivankov at Masqulin



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