Kyle Fox & Marco Antonio double-penetrate Rudy in “Rudy Gram Services Dick” (scene 4)

The fourth and final scene from “Rudy Gram Services Dick” is a hot double-penetration scene. A beautiful sunset in Puerto Vallarta is the perfect backdrop for three handsome Lucas Entertainment men; Kyle Fox, Marco Antonio, and Rudy Gram.

Lucas Entertainment

While they’re on the balcony of their villa watching the setting sun over the water, the three men start to embrace one another and make out. Rudy soon lures his gentlemen callers inside where he pulls down their shorts.

Their ready-for-action erect cocks signal Rudy to get to work sucking on them both. Rudy has a whole lot of sexual stamina, and he makes sure both Marco and Kyle are taken care of orally.

When Rudy Gram moved over to the bed with Marco Antonio and Kyle Fox, they both took turns hammering away at Rudy’s muscular and round rump.

Rudy gets his chance in Kyle’s ass, too. That’s new for Kyle, since he’s not used to bottoming, but he was so turned on by Rudy that he wanted to give it a go. But it’s Rudy who is servicing dick here, and he does not stop until everyone is drained of cum!

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Watch Kyle Fox and Marco Antonio DP Rudy Gram

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Kyle Fox & Marco Antonio double-penetrate Rudy Gram



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