MEN: Kyle Connors fucks Kaleb Stryker and cums over his ass in “Ballsy Relaxation”

Today’s release – starring Kyle Connors and Kaleb Stryker – is called “Ballsy Relaxation“. When Kyle’s stress levels start to rise, there’s only one way to calm himself down: giving the fake set of balls under his desk a gentle squeeze.

Plumber Kaleb Stryker wants to know Kyle Connors‘ secret to staying so relaxed but ends up smearing grime all over the sack, so he hides and lets Kyle play with his nuts instead. When Kyle discovers the switch, he’s upset that Kaleb dirtied his stressticles… until the crafty workman teabags him!

Kyle sucks Kaleb’s cock, then bends him over the chair to fuck him doggy-style. Kaleb rides the top, and the muscular redhead picks up the bottom for a stand and carry before cumming all over his ass. But just when Kyle was feeling chill, Kaleb gets jizz all over his desk!


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Watch Kyle Connors fuck Kaleb Stryker in “Ballsy Relaxation”



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