MEN: Kyle Connors and Chris Damned fuck Michael Boston in “Subway Stories” (part 3)

This is the third scene from the series “Subway Stories“. It’s a hot threeway, starring Kyle Connors, Chris Damned and Michael Boston. Chris has the subway car all to himself so he starts rubbing his cock through his gray sweats, at least until Michael gets on.

Chris Damned closes his eyes and leans his head back, pretending he’s just resting, but Michael Boston notices his bulge and snaps a pic before he reaches his stop. He turns to flirt with Chris… and gets stuck in the doors! Chris rushes over to help, but Michael gets dick-stracted and pulls down the tattooed hunk’s pants to get a mouthful of that cock.

Subway mechanic Kyle Connors is called in to fix the stuck doors, but when he’s greeted by Michael’s muscle ass, he gets his cock stuck deep inside the bottom instead! Kyle fixes the doors and gets on the train so Michael can suck both dicks.

Chris fucks Michael from behind, then sucks Michael’s cock as the bottom rides Kyle on the seats. Pretty soon both tops are taking turns pounding Michael piledriver next to the pole before they both jizz on his face before Michael jacks off till he cums.


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