Helix Studios: Kurt Niles gets fucked by Alex Riley in a new #Helix episode

In the latest installment of #Helix, cute twink boys Kurt Niles and Alex Riley connect with their fans via Twitter. The Helix Studios hotties answer questions and act out every dirty deed requested.

The requests range from massaging to spanking and even tickling, and they all take the tight bodied twinks to the next level! After a bare-assed spank session, some serious suck face gets going before returning cock connoisseur, Kurt drops to his knees to make up for lost time.

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The massive meal of meat stretches Kurt Niles knob till he’s overflowing in his briefs! Alex Riley thirsty throat is triggered, and he takes every beautiful bit of the boy’s big beast down his gullet. Then, Alex spins Kurt around, and eats that delicious ass like dinner. Once that perfect pucker is primed.

Riley aims his rig and rails the dude raw. He plows the pretty boy in beast mode; then, allows the big-dicked twink to take a ride. Kurt’s huge cock and can smack down on Alex’s shredded body with sweet satisfaction.

Full of more fuck, Riley pushes Niles onto his back for a beating that breaks his dick damn. Kurt covers himself with his own cum, just as Alex aims his ample appendage at the beautiful boy’s man hungry mug.

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