Kosta Viking flip-fucks with Tomas Brand in “Daddy And His Admirers” (scene 3)

The third scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Daddy And His Admirers” is a flip-fuck video starring Kosta Viking and Tomas Brand. The latter one has taken on many lovers and fuck buddies younger than himself over the years.

He doesn’t even have to seek them out. They all find him because he’s the perfect daddy. Kosta Viking also developed a fixation on Tomas Brand quickly, as he has always had a special attraction to men older than him. But he’s never seen someone quite like Tomas.

During their first kiss, Kosta is sitting on Tomas Brand’s knee in his underwear, and his daddy is fondling his erection in his black briefs. Tomas Brand sometimes finds himself with the desire to bottom, and before he fucks the living hell out of Kosta Viking, he first bends over and takes it up the ass!

Watch Kosta and Tomas flip-fuck at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Kosta Viking & Tomas Brand fuck at Lucas Entertainment



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