Lucas Entertainment: Kosta Viking and Isaac X flip-fuck in “Busting Some Ass” (scene 3)

The third scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Busting Some Ass” is a hot flip-fuck video. Kosta Viking and his popularity as an exclusive model has exploded since his debut, and it’s no wonder why when you see him in action.

Lucas Entertainment

Isaac X definitely understands Kosta’s star power and has been crushing on him since they first met. Kosta was hanging out in the pool one afternoon, and Isaac made his move. He slipped into the water with Kosta, and neither one of them wasted any time making out with each other and getting very friendly.

Once Kosta Viking and Isaac X were plenty hard and ready for some real fun, they get out of the water and start sucking each other’s cocks and fucking each other up the ass bareback!

Watch this flip-fuck video at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Kosta Viking & Isaac X fuck at Lucas Entertainment



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