Raging Stallion: Kirk Cummings gets fucked by Devin Trez in “Maximum Torque” (scene 3)

The third scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Maximum Torque” brings together Devin Trez and Kirk Cummings. The latter one is working under a car when he notices fellow mechanic Devin Trez go into the bathroom.

Raging Stallion

Kirk Cummings follows him and goes into the stall next to Devin’s. Kirk watches Devin Trez stroke his massive dick before Devin slides it thru the glory hole and is met by Kirk’s warm mouth. Thru the glory hole, Kirk does his best to get down to the base of Devin’s pole without gagging.

When his mouth can’t take anymore, Kirk backs up to the glory hole and Devin slides his cock into the ass on the other side. No longer in need of the barriers, Kirk joins Devin in his stall to deepthroat the cock that was just buried in his ass. Devin is relentless with his face fucking as Kirk gags and chokes on Devin’s penetrating meat.

Devin rewards the struggling cock sucker with a deep tongue bath before entering him bareback once again. While Devin sits back on the toilet, Devin bounces up and down on his lengthy dick.

With Kirk’s hole riding his cock, Devin can’t hold back any longer and blows his load deep inside Kirk’s ass. When Kirk hops off to go ass to mouth, Devin’s load drips from his ass. Kirk hops back on and rides Devin’s pole until he strokes a hefty load that lands all over the floor.

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Watch Devin Trez fuck Kirk Cummings in “Maximum Torque” (part 3)

Raging Stallion


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